Sunday, June 7, 2009

BOOK EXPO--A Quiet Show

It was a quiet show. Gone are the days with Richard Simmons jumping on the backs of husky passers-by and huge mega-booths from mega-publishers trying to out-glitz one another.

It was a quiet show, but it was the real thing. We met some new publishers and talked about the struggles they face. Again we were told that for nonfiction, "platform" is EVERYTHING. For fiction, it's the writing the counts and the story that seals the deal.

It was a quiet show. We had a few pre-arranged meetings and they went well. For the most part though, we simply dropped in. I was amazed to see how few editors attended. I'm not sure what that means, but time will tell. Highlights and buzz:
  • We met a charismatic and quite helpful sales director who gave us excellent suggestions about a book we've been trying to sell for far too long.
  • I saw Dr. Ruth exiting the ladies' room. I see her every year.
  • We had an illuminating conversation with an editor about how blogging and websites are mandatory for nonfiction writers.
  • "Celebrity" bloggers are the hottest.
  • Positive quotes from said bloggers about a book can be as helpful as a large-circulation book review.
  • I talked to Sherman Alexi--be still, my heart.

It was a quiet show and I'm still exhausted and trying to get caught up.

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CarrieK said...

One of my ex-bosses met Dr. Ruth at a theater in NYC. She told him he had a "very sexy mustache" (he has a Monopoly Man-style 'stache) and he and his wife thought the encounter was the highlight of their evening.