Monday, February 13, 2012


Jon received an email yesterday from an author he'd turned down at the partial stage. Jon told me that while he admired the author's writing, the content was simply too dark and troubling for Jon's taste.
Jon explained this to the author when he sent his rejection letter.
Yesterday the author wrote back telling Jon that he'd been picked up by another agent. He thanked Jon for his comments and said that, rather than discouraging him, the rejection gave him hope that another agent might see things differently.
This is not an unusual story. We often pass on projects that don't fit our own personal tastes because it's very hard to get behind a book that we don't find personally compelling.
So, when you receive rejections from agents like us think of them as stepping stones to your goal. If your writing is splendid, if the topic is unique and your voice is driving, your book will find a champion.


Lisa Taber said...

It's always encouraging when an agent offers constructive criticism, even if it's in a rejection letter. Kudos to for taking the time to do so.

Charley said...

So true, Lisa. So a large, generic, author-sponsored "Thanks!"

Amy Jarecki said...

Honestly, I really appreciate comments from agents with rejections. It helps me improve, and that's what it's about. I'll always query an agent with another project if they've taken the time to write a few words.