Friday, August 28, 2009


Jon's mom at age 95 is learning how to be a widow. She will stay in Chicago for the foreseeable future, though we encourage her to come here. She may be 95 but she's of pretty sound mind and will do what she pleases, thank you very much.

Jon spent the last week in Chicago finalizing his dad's papers and helping his mom with assorted tasks. Now what? The death of a parent, even one who is 97, leaves a hole in our lives.

Our apologies to all of you who have partials and manuscripts with us. We beg your indulgence as we put things back together and move forward.

I've been keeping up with emailed queries and had a lovely batch to peruse this week. I'm so impressed with most of what we're getting. "Lee" and the abused woman composer are seldom seen any more, so that's made life easier!

It's cool and rainy in Pennsylvania today. Hope you are all enjoying these last few days of summer!


DebraLSchubert said...

Kae, Take your time. Family always come first. What a gift to be 95 and be of sound mind. My great aunt Dottie died days before her 100th birthday. She could tell a great joke and loved discussing politics and her beloved Mets - she was even honored by the team at the age of 90! She says they let her see them "in the locker room." She was a hoot. She knew the names and birth dates of all of her great-great nieces and nephews. She was a true inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Hi - we don't know each other, but I share your pain and grief. No matter what they say, you can never patch that hole in your heart(s).
But I always try to think about that other place they've gone to, and the freedom and joy they have.

Please take the time to heal and grieve. Queries will wait.

- A friend

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