Wednesday, March 4, 2009


We have not been abducted by aliens. We aren't vacationing in the Carribean. And we haven't retired.

We're just too busy and the blog has taken the hit. Jon continues to shuttle back and forth to Florida to tend to aging parents, leaving me to pick up the slack with our two businesses.

Random thoughts:
  • I await the contract for our three-book deal for a cozy mystery series. As soon as the paperwork is finalized, I'll go into more detail.
  • My trip to NYC last week was cancelled due to illness--not mine, someone else.
  • Queries continue to flood in. I've requested about 4 partials in the past week; Jon has asked for a few more.
  • For some reason the queries for "wizard and dragon" fantasies are on the rise. We're not interested, so don't send them to us.
  • It's still bloody COLD here--sunny, but cold.
  • I'm reading Beautiful Boy, a stunning memoir by a gifted journalist.
  • I'm also reading The Glass Castle, another memoir--unbelievable, but true, story.
  • I just added Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace to my stack of "must reads" after reading about the author in this week's New Yorker magazine.
  • The cats are so full of static that you risk "electrocution by petting" if you get near them.
  • Our bird feeders are full of pine siskins.

......and our desks are full of queries, partials and manuscripts. Hope the winter's treating all of you well!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kae,

I'm an intern for a literary agency in NYC - maybe you should look into hiring an intern :) Mine is an unpaid internship. It would really help you out with queries and any other admin tasks you need taken care of.

Just a thought :)

Anonymous said...

Bad weather is a good excuse for catching up on reading and writing work--but it's an even better excuse for putting off the outside work. I'm actually hoping for more snow (to cover up the horrendous mess that the Autumn left behind).

I might be a lifelong NEPA girl, but honestly--do people really travel here just to see the leaves change? Those sickos! They have *no* idea how cruel maples and oaks truly are...

Just one more storm, please, so I can finish up on some editing and get the yard vacuum fixed. Then I'll be ready for Spring.

Alexander Field said...

Nice book to add to the must-read list. Foster's Infinite Jest is on my list also, and well, it's been there for too long (have you seen the size of that book?!?). : )