Wednesday, February 17, 2010


The editor at Berkley/Prime Crime called me this afternoon with good news.
Town in a Blueberry Jam is # 35 on the New York Times mass market fiction bestselling extended list!!

To make it better, the book has gone back for a second printing. I checked the Amazon ranking and we're at 3,540. I do believe that this is the little book that could.

Congratulations to Bob and Beth Feeman aka B.B. Haywood and to Berkley/Prime Crime.

I'm sure this kind of thing happens a lot in the big agencies. But for Jon and me this is a red-letter day. Now, don't go running to see the listing in the NYT Book Review list yet. They only list the top 20, so Town in a Blueberry Jam has a way to go to arrive at that coveted spot. But, I think it could happen.

Just had to share. It's a ray of sunshine in a most bitter and snow-filled winter. The ramp we installed at the front door for Jon's 95-year-old mom's transport chair is like a luge run. I have to mince my way around it to avoid breaking my neck and the UPS man is ready to strangle us!

I'm in the mood for another contest to celebrate Blueberry Jam. The first three people who give me the name of Candy Holliday's best friend (in the comments section) will win a brand new copy of Town in a Blueberry Jam.


Jay said...

Alexis Graham


Annielaural leFaye said...

a thousand kudos to you...may the book continue to reach for the top of the jam jar!!