Saturday, January 23, 2010


Jack Roberts (pen name). His real name is Scott Bryan.

Our Random Integer Generator picked number 14, the number of Jack's entry:

"I’m not supposed to get cold. Eliza shrank into the dark corner of her living room. Her immortal body was free from disease and uncomfortable temperatures, but she felt colder every time the horrible sounds continued."

Now, technically, Jack stretched the rules a bit by using not one sentence, but three. But who's counting? The Random Integer Generator rules, and Jack is the winner this time. Here's a bit more about Jack:

"I'm a husband, father of four and full time CAD drafter. On the side I'm striving to become a full time writer. I've written two books. The first one, Annabelle and Roland; The Night Children, is the one I'm trying to find representation for. The other one is the sequel. I'm currently writing a different novel called Myths. Night Children follows the adventures of Annabelle and Roland as they learn to be vampires while surviving the Vampire Lord's attempts to kill them. Jeff Herman's book will be a considerable resource in my search for representation. Again, thank you very much."

Our first "Blogtest" was great fun for us and I hope you all enjoyed it.

And keep reading the blog where we'll feature some of our favorites in the first "First Line" contest!


Pretty Things said...


Jack Roberts, Annabelle's scribe said...

I'm humbled and honored.

I feel silly, too. As writers know, all thoughts are to be underlined. That first line was a thought and the underline vanished once it was posted. Not to mention I did add the other lines when I shouldve only added the first.

Regarless, I'm very greatful. It means a lot. Currently I'm taking this book back to basics and trying the professional editor route. After it's polished further, I'll be agent hunting again. Jeff Herman's book will help a great deal.

Thank you.

Sharon Mayhew said...

Congratulations to Scott! I need to figure out how to do the random picker thing. I've done one give away. My daughter was the random picker. I put all the names on the same size pieces of paper and my daughter drew the winners.