Sunday, December 27, 2009


I am working on queries that were sent to me in October. I have not gotten to November, let alone December queries and my stacks of partials to be read make me queazy. Why?

It's Myrtle's fault.

Myrtle is Jon's 95-year-0ld mother who, until a few weeks ago, lived in suburban Chicago. Now she lives 8 miles away from us. It took lots of time and effort to get her here.

Instead of reading queries I flew to Chicago with Jon's sister to fetch Myrtle and bring her to PA.

Instead of responding to my piles of partials I spent days shopping for furniture and household goods to set up Myrtle's new apartment.

Instead of writing blog entries I spent a day setting up the new apartment while Jon worked in Chicago to close the old one.

Myrtle is sharp as a tack, but she is 95 years old and she cannot walk very well. Her hands are arthritic and she has trouble manipulating things. We are so relieved to have her close by at last. It's wonderful to be self-employed at times like these. It's truly liberating to take the time one needs to get family affairs in order.

But it does not happen without a cost. The cost is to our business and to you, our clients and our would-be clients. We will take the next quiet week to begin the long process of getting caught up. Meanwhile, let me apologize for being so slow in responding to everyone.

My New Year's resolution is to get back to work, to take on new clients and to sell some books!


DebraLSchubert said...

So good to hear from you again! You and Jon are doing exactly what you should be doing. Taking care of family should always supersede work. I hope 2010 is filled with many good things for you both. ;-)

Anonymous said...

These are all good reasons to me! I was wondering what was happening with you two after the partial was sent out. Glad you two are getting your own stuff done, as well as the family.

And yes, how about getting new clients this year! *Fingers Crossed* ;)