Thursday, April 24, 2008


Jon and I designed our literary agency to run parallel with our ongoing book publicity firm, KT Public Relations. When we began this blog our intention was to show how the two businesses ebb and flow. However, up to now, we really haven't shared what the publicity side entails. So here goes--life in the other side of the office.

I handle most of the publicity. Jon takes off his agent's hat and helps in a crunch--crunch defined as a big mailing or any nasty projects that involve meeting the UPS man out front and hauling heavy boxes in. He also acts as editor to make sure that everything I write gets a second look before it goes out.

This week I'm concentrating on several projects:

1. My ongoing and longtime client, Jane Kirkland, award-winning children's nature book author. In days to come I'll tell you more about Jane, a successful self-published author who makes it look easy. (It's not.) Jane's latest projects include her first book for educators, No Student Left Indoors: Creating a Field Guide to Your Schoolyard and her first FREE book for kids, Take A Cloud Walk which you can download at her website. I line up lots of school programs for Jane and we're now trying to find sponsors for her. If you know of any product or business that would benefit from being affiliated with a green, kid-and-nature-oriented author, let me know!

2. A new book entitled Fully Fertile: A Holistic 12-Week Plan for Optimal Fertility by Chicago-based authors Tamara Quinn, Elisabeth Heller & Jeanie Lee Bussell. We're mailing review copies and pushing for national television and radio. This book will be a godsend for many women. Find out more about the book and authors here.

3. A forthcoming book, Pennsylvania's Forbes Trail: Gateways and Getaways along the Legendary Route from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh published just in time to celebrate the Trail's 250th anniversary and the 250th anniversary of Pittsburgh. Great fun, great book.

4. Books from Visible Ink Press including American Murder: Criminals, Crime, and the Media. Oooooo!

That's just a start. Stay tuned for more tales of Frantic in Fogelsville: How Two Mature Book Publicists Pursued their Love of Books into a New Era.

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Karen Duvall said...

I just have to say that book publicity can be lots of fun (and hard work) when you try out a new idea. Kae, do you and Jon arrange book signings at venues other than bookstores? I imagine so. I think those kinds of signings have the potential to do phenomenally well. I had a signing at a wine shop once that included a free wine tasting and I sold more books than I've ever sold at a traditional bookstore signing. The book was romantic suspense and it was a couple of weeks before Christimas, so I played on the theme of reading romance by the fire, a bottle of wine to take away winter's chill. Had really a nice turn out for that one. 8^)

Kae and Jon said...

Yes, Karen, I agree that non-bookstore signings can be excellent. As a matter of fact, I don't even call them signings anymore. Our authors always plan to give a brief presentation or Q&A and sign books as a part of that. Having a book event in a wine store is a GREAT IDEA!