Sunday, March 23, 2008


OK, let's get this straight. No religious connotations in this headline, even though it is Easter Sunday--it's simply the phrase that came to mind as I awoke this morning after a wretched 4 days of upper-respiratory flu, or plague or who knows what. The bug felled me Tuesday night as I sat with my neighborhood book group discussing The Other Boleyn Girl. (Loved it!) As the night progressed and our discussion got juicy, my used Kleenex piled up next to me--to the horror of my book buddies. I just couldn't concentrate. I also couldn't touch the wine which should have been a tip-off.

By the next day I was in fever land with chills and headache and that old "I couldn't give a s--t!" feeling. My dreams of a productive work week flew out the door with the used Kleenex. Each day I would creep down to the computer and look at the email queries waiting for me. I wisely didn't open any, knowing my powers of judgement were severely impaired. I had to beg off a movie night with the girls, forget lunch with Rodale buddies and cancel my trip to NYC to visit editors. I told publicity clients that I'd be back to them "next week," told my kids to stay away and let Jon take care of me. I learned once again what a marvelous thing it is to have a husband who can cook and clean AND do the taxes when you are just too sick to do anything but watch Turner Classic Movies.

And, oh, boy, did I watch movies. I watched "The Shining" from beginning to end. I swear, it's better now than it was in 1980 when it was made. Also watched "The Music Man" which became tedious, although I still love to watch Ron Howard as a 5-year-old. I can't exactly tell you what else I watched because I think I slept through most of them. I did enjoy "Easter Parade" today before I gave myself a stern talking-to and went up to the shower.

When I wasn't sleeping I was reading Crime and Punishment, our book group's selection for April and an advance reading copy of Mrs. Perfect, Jane Porter's forthcoming sequel to Odd Mom Out. I began reading manuscripts today and I think I'll actually do some real work tomorrow!

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Laura R said...

I can't imagine a better movie to watch than The Shining when you're laid up in bed for a week with the flu and out of sheer misery feel like taking an axe to the nearest door just like dear old Jack! I hope you have a speedy recovery.