Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I wish I understood computers. I wish I could explain why our website began to erode a few months ago and why things simply began disappearing from its pages. I wish I could tell you why it finally became a useless embarrassment. Kind of like an old dog who bites visitors.

We pulled the plug on the old website a few days ago--actually, the techie guy we hired did the plug-pulling. Now we are creating a new site with the help of professionals. I hope to have it up and running within a few weeks, but you can't hurry these things.

Meanwhile, you'll find an "Under Construction" sign at our web address. (Careful of the orange cones and heavy equipment.) We're alive and well--our website is in the process of becoming something better than it's former self. Keep checking back. I'll let you know via this blog when we unveil it.